Metrology & Industrial Surveying

The application of surveying in an industrial environment

This may include the alignment of precision machinery in anything from the nuclear to production industries.

In industries that operate a process line, occasionally there are tracking issues and quality issues that require precise adjustments and alignments. These are instances when metrology services are necessary. The Faro Laser Tracker allows for rapid precise measurements to be taken to locate problems that require adjustments and to verify that components are aligned correctly.

Examples would be aluminum and steel rolling mills, plastic lines, paper processing lines, printing lines, extruders, and machining equipment. These all require checks to ensure that rollers and other components are set within specified tolerances to ensure proper tracking and quality.

  • Rolling Mills

    PSI has 25+ years of experience working on various types of rolling mills, such as: reversing mills, hot mills, continuous mills, cold mills, finishing lines, CALP and pickling lines, plastic fill and sheet lines, and paper lines.

  • Casting Units

    PSI has extensive experience into measuring a variety of different casting units in the aluminum and steel industries. Our method of measuring, aligning, and inspection casting units has been proven at a wide variety of sites all across the US.

  • Crane Rail Alignment

    Through years of experience, PSI has put together several specialized methods of measuring, aligning, and inspection of crane rails.

  • Other Types of Alignment Experience

    PSI also has several years of experience measuring, aligning, and inspecting: ball mills, rod mills, trunnions and wheels, motors, generators, gear boxes, scalpers, turbines, and hydroelectric dam tubes.

  • Problem Solving

    Often PSI is called in to examine a quality issue, an equipment failure, or an as-built inspection of a new or old piece of equipment. We have inspected parts and field machined pieces of equipment to verify that they are within the client’s and manufacturer’s specifications. We have inspected ball mills, rod mills, motors, gear boxes, etc. with alignment issuers. With our years of experience, we are able to provide insights to clients and be a part of finding solutions to problems.